Lux PoS Web Wallet

PoS Web Wallet

In March of 2018, LUXCore unveiled its First of a Kind web based wallet with the ability to run PoS for our investors. This is revolutionary as we are the first to be able to bring this to market.


• 2FA Authentification
• Stress functionality and Security
• The ability to import/export keys
• Registration with email address or Google single sign-on (SOS). More SSO’s available in the commercial product
• View the value of LUX in BTC and USDT

PoS Web Wallet Walkthrough
Advanced Coin Control Walkthrough
Lux PoS Web Wallet


The Web Wallet was built with the fundamentals of the CIA Triad in mind. Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability was the primary goal for this service and that is why we built the wallet purely using Amazon Web Services. By leveraging AWS, we were able to confidently spread the processes and load over a vast amount of servers throughout the world. Using lightweight dockers over Elastic Beanstalk allowed for a system that grows in order to meet demand especially during peak hours. Utilizing AWS’s RDS for Database functions, we are able to insure that customer data is readily available as well as replicated in case of a data loss. EC2 instances run and manage the wallets and only house a predetermined amount of wallets in order to distribute Point of Stake amongst a vast number of nodes rather than a single instance. By doing this, we are able to isolate problems when they occur and thus less users are affected during downtime. This not only supports decentralization but also minimizes risk against potential nefarious actors. Route 53 and Load Balancers drive the network to insure a quick and speedy user experience.

Lux PoS Web Wallet


There is a great responsibility in hosting the web wallet for LUX owners and its clients. Because of this security was the first and foremost concern in mind when designing and building out the Web Wallet. Behind the scenes, the system is intended to grant the least amount of privileges to users, applications, and networks specifically only to their task. This enables us to isolate problems in the system but most importantly, minimizes risk for attacks to the base architecture. Furthermore, IAM Roles within AWS are used to ensure access is granted just for users and services for its intended subset of responsibilities. For example, A Linux Admin does not have access to RDS or Route 53 unless explicitly granted access by the Admin account.

Protecting the infrastructure is only half the battle. Securing the wallet must extend to the end user as well. We took a look at other platforms in the Crypto space to determine what features we could add to fortify things from the user's point of view. Fundamentally you cannot call a service secure if it doesn't provide the most basic functions. Complex password requirements, email verification, and Two Factor Authorization were the first components added to the suite by our developers. Because we did take ideas from other platforms, it was important that we add Email Notifications on login and bad attempts. Seeing a log of logins via email provides a comforting sense that your account is being monitored. Lastly, "If you don’t own the private keys, you don’t own the coin." It was vital that we allow every user to manage their Private key. Because of this, each user can export and delete their key, so they maintain full control at all times.

Luxore PoS Web Wallet
Luxore PoS Web Wallet
Luxore PoS Web Wallet
Luxore PoS Web Wallet
Luxore PoS Web Wallet
Parallel Masternode Integration

Service & Solutions

The LuxCore PoS Web Wallet will be offered to interested blockchain providers as a Software as a Service(SaaS) model by the end of Q3 2018/end of 2018.

We offer highly customizable solutions ranging from a simple Web Wallet with or without PoS integration, to 1-click Masternode activation and 24 hours tech support. Our service can be scaled precisely to your requirements of functionality and user quantity.

If an upgrade to the code is required, our expert development team will orchestrate the mass upgrades for all active wallets, ensuring that all wallets are connected to the correct network and maintaining the blockchain consensus.

For more advanced customers, we offer the WebWallet as a WhiteLabel solution, giving you the opportunity to integrate the WebWallet into your personal Corporate identity. If required, Luxcore´s design team will assist in creating the unique look&feel for your WebWallet.

We already have established a working Mobile App available in the Google Play Store and Apples iTunes store and can offer to assist in creating a mobile wallet that links to the LuxCore WebWallet and offer the same features.

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