LuxEdge – decentralized version control system for developers


LuxEdge is a decentralized software development platform and repository specifically built for developers embracing blockchain technology and decentralization. LuxEdge empowers everyone from developers, to project managers, to businesses and open source organizations to not only manage and coordinate projects in one place, but build, host, review, discover, share, and track code on a decentralized network - the Luxcore Decentralized File System (DFS).

The LuxEdge decentralized application, repository, and platform will improve both team and developer collaboration when building software by enabling users to visualize and prioritize all work, ultimately enabling a more efficient, secure, and transparent process. Alongside an individual’s or project’s code, users will enjoy the ability to streamline the involvement of team members by assigning and tagging them as a project evolves, improving real-time feedback and communication in an often fragmented collaboration supply chain.

Luxcore’s decentralized infrastructure, powered by the Decentralized File System, ensures users and organizations never have to worry about downtime or security - meaning code, projects, and tasks can be accessed 24/7. LuxEdge’s implementation of signed developer commits, required status checks, and protected branches, further empower project and developer maintenance of high standards of code and integrity, while limiting access to only those who need it.

LuxEdge is the ultimate tool for any developer, project, or organization seeking to realize open-source collaboration, security and workflow, and the benefits of decentralization to its fullest. It is built as an application on top of the Luxcore Decentralized File System (DFS), using the DFS for its file storage and reliability. This shows one of many use cases of DFS that we are very excited about.

LuxEdge core features

• Fully Decentralized
• High Degree of Code Integrity (Files Match the Hash)
• 24/7 Availability and Access
• Incentivized Hosting for LUX Parallel Masternodes
• Cost-Effective Infrastructure
• High Performance
• Censorship and Tamper-proof Resistance
• Offline Access to Code, Content, and Projects

LuxEdge – decentralized version control system for developers


Luxcore’s third consensus layer secured by LUX Parallel Masternodes (PMN) enables an infrastructure whereby network addresses of nodes create file storage requests and subsequently broadcast them across PMNs.

Simply put, file storage requests and transactions are never directly added to the blockchain itself, and instead kept as record, free from identifying information for both individual and file. This unique infrastructure allows for a heightened degree of privacy, security, and decentralization in Luxcore’s Decentralized File System.

LuxEdge’s decentralized version control system and repository is built on top of Luxcore’s Decentralized File System, meaning all files and personal data are hosted across a decentralized network and fully protected against censorship, tampering, and destruction.

In past years, conventional version control systems and platforms, such as GitHub, have been targets of high-profile censorship campaigns by governments, whereby local Internet service providers (ISPs) were blocked, Domain Name Servers (DNS) were hijacked, and Denial-of-service attacks (DoS) attacks were perpetrated. All to censor content. LuxEdge boasts no point of central attack or failure, ultimately securing information and files in immutable form while eliminating rising censorship concerns across the globe.

LuxEdge’s decentralized infrastructure is extremely cost-effective thanks to attractive network participation incentives. Any individual or organization who contributes to the network, will be rewarded accordingly, allowing for both affordable infrastructure costs and high performance.

Each node in the LuxEdge network is independent of other network nodes and actors, and thus, capable of executing file storage requests without requiring validation from the rest of the network. For example, if the LuxEdge platform receives 10,000 file storage requests per day, each node may only be responsible for handling a specific amount (ex. 100 requests) and not the entire network request load. Finally, as nothing in the Luxcore network is centralized, and resources are provided by network participants, LuxEdge can in theory expand indefinitely.


LuxEdge security is powered by a notable blockchain feature which authentically matches every file to a corresponding hash (an encrypted output of a set length), making it impossible to fraudulently and maliciously tamper with, and manipulate, files which users are not an authorized owner of. Files are also encrypted on the respective node they are hosted by, adding an additional layer of security to personal and sensitive data, content, and work-product.

LuxEdge also does not rely on a central hosting point or server and is highly redundant, instead distributing files across the Decentralized File System. Luxedge’s high redundancy and storage of file segment’s across global nodes provides users and organizations with an assurance of 24/7 uptime and access to their work.

LuxEdge’s comprehensive, secure, and decentralized version control system, repository, and platform is set to overhaul traditional, centralized workflow repository services and become the go-to version control system for the decentralized world.

Do keep in mind that LuxEdge is brand new, so we recommend revisiting this webpage for future updates and functions. Below are just several functions the Luxcore team is planning to rollout for LuxEdge.

This strong & secure foundation will allow us to bring you the best decentralized versioning system around.

Built-In Code Review Tools For Seamless Review
Reviewing code is at the very heart of creating high-integrity code and software. LuxEdge will support built-in review tools, such as an integrated issue tracking tool, code comparison tool, and review request tool, all of which enable the seamless review of code and software.

Team & Organization Management
Building software isn’t just about creating new code. It also involves managing developers, teams, projects, and communities to better solve problems, brainstorm new ideas, and prioritize workflow. Whether you’re a collective of developers, recently launched start-up, or multinational organization, LuxEdge’s multi-dimensional and in-depth infrastructure and solution is perfect for any size.

Comprehensive Code Documentation
Well documented projects and code enable one’s team to maximize output and enjoy healthy, organic development. With LuxEdge, users and organizations can customize and organize their documentation and workflow to a high degree and with pinpoint clarity.