RandomX Testnet Successfully Launched in preparation of RX2

Attention Luxcore Community! We are extremely excited to announce that we have successfully deployed a randomx testnet, CPU-miner and stratum implementation over the Bitcoin codebase. We are the first project in the blockchain ecosystem to do so, and look forward to setting the bar with future developments and implementations of our new algo RX2.

Hashing the LUX chain using RandomX
RandomX Stratum accepting blocks

So, what exactly does this mean for YOU, the Luxcore Community? First, let’s have a quick recap of RandomX (and RX2) and why we chose to transition from PHI2 to RX2.

A RandomX Refresher

RX2 is a new Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm designed with ASIC resistance in mind. RX2 is our version of RandomX, which was initially deployed by privacy-focused cryptocurrency Monero. It was created as a hedge against the monopolistic mining practices, farms, and companies that have dominated the crypto mining market for the past several years.

RandomX’s virtual machine, which executes functions and programs in specific instruction sets (ex. integer math, floating branches) and translates it into a CPU’s original machine code enables:

  • Optimization for general-purpose CPUs;
  • Accessibility and egalitarianism for users;
  • Widespread network security and participants;
  • Higher degrees of decentralization.

Below is a visual breakdown of RX2’s respective advantages.

RX2: The Next Steps

With the RandomX testnet deployed, we have several key integrations and tweaks to come before the launch of RX2 on the mainnet.

You can follow the development at: https://github.com/LUX-Core/lux/tree/rx2-dev

Miner Integration: We are set to complete GPU miner network integration. This includes building GPU miner software to mine and test different GPUs.

Tweak RandomX Parameters: After we tweak the RandomX parameters to customize for RX2, this will enable RX2 to be more GPU friendly. It will also allow for a balance in profitability between both GPU and CPU miners, incentivizing more users to join the network. The more users we have securing the Luxcore Network, the more decentralized it becomes.

Final Thoughts

Luxcore’s transition to RX2 is a monumental step forward towards securing the Luxcore network and empowering the LUX Community to have a direct hand in its prosperity. Make sure to keep up with the Luxcore blog, Twitter, and Discord for all the latest announcements and updates.

Once again, stay tuned to see what else we have in store for 2020 by following us on the below channels:

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Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team