and Luxcore announce a collaboration and Luxcore announce a collaboration

The cryptocurrency market has started to further professionalize., one of the most promising upcoming exchanges in the blockchain industry enters into a partnership with Luxcore. Luxcore focuses on building decentralized blockchain security and privacy products.

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed major shifts in the cryptocurrency market. Many hype driven projects launched in 2017 are no longer afloat,those that survived, however, are forming themselves into established companies ready to take the next steps and flourish in this developing market. supports such companies by listing them on their trading platform. It’s an investment of sorts in innovative companies. The demand is enormous and innovation needs freedom to develop further. foresees this need and allows assets to be traded in a market that is currently representing a value of over 250 billion dollars.

The growth potential in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market is tremendous. However, many companies are left with the question of how “blockchain” can best be implemented in their business operations. Luxcore can be of great value here, due to having separated itself from the field for quite some time with its groundbreaking algorithm, PHI2. Soon they will make a transition to the RX2 (a RandomX derivative) algorithm that will revolutionize the industry. RX2 is designed for ASIC resistance and to act as a safeguard against specialized mining hardware due to its feature that simulates a virtual CPU. With RX2, Luxcore seems to have found the perfect balance between GPU and CPU mining for a fair mining opportunity for everyone who wants to contribute to the network.

Luxcore has been the first with introducing a Proof of Stake web wallet. This wallet allows users to access and pay with their Lux at any time, anywhere in the world. Due to the hybrid nature of their blockchain and wallets spread over dozens of highly secured servers, Luxcore is able to safely offer this service to its community. The web wallet automatically optimizes for staking, which means that users can easily contribute to the decentralization of the chain and will receive block rewards in return. You will never have to deal with difficult wallet upgrades again because the web wallet is fully maintained by the Luxcore team.

The potential of a truly decentralized chain is enormous. With products like Luxedge which is a “git” platform that uses the “decentralized file storage” side of the chain, Luxcore shows that it is dedicated to building an entire ecosystem. Developers can use Luxedge to safely and privately build software that we all love, without relying on a third party like Github.

Luxcore has developed itself from a startup with potential to one of the leaders in the field in a very short time. With their constant development of revolutionary and innovative algorithms, products and services, we look forward to what Luxcore will come up with next.

Because of the collaboration between and Luxcore, Luxcoin will be tradable with ticker LUX at the launch of the renewed platform in December. Users will be able to purchase LUX directly with Euros, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can sign up here to be notified when Lux is tradable on


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team