Meet the team feat. Jorik

Hello and welcome to the second edition of our monthly “Meet the Team” article where we get to learn more about Luxcore team members. Featuring today our new Head of Public Relations, Jorik (iRaiseTheBar).

First of all, welcome to the team! Back when you joined we didn’t get to give you a proper introduction, but you told us you would get to that once you’ve settled. Can you tell us why you chose to do it this way?

You’re absolutely right. At the time of joining I felt the urgency laid in introducing myself to Luxcore’s important business relations. I also wanted to get to know the team and learn more about workflows first. I’m sure you know what I mean.

You’ve been a long time member of the Luxcore community, can you tell us a bit more about your background and how you got into Crypto?

It’s actually all tied together. I was a professional poker player for almost 8 years and “backing” players is quite common in that line of work. With thousands of dollars being transferred over Neteller and Moneybookers you can only begin to imagine the exchange fees that were being paid. Bitcoin had a real use case for us, which is how I got into crypto in the first place. Then, former professional poker player, Doug Polk started his very own crypto news channel which I followed religiously. He never “chilled” a single coin, so when he first made a video about how he thought Luxcore had a real shot of changing the industry, my interest was sparked.

That’s a unique background to have. Are you still playing?

Nope. I quit poker by the end of 2017 and haven’t touched a card since. When you’ve played professionally for 8 years, you no longer see it as the game you fell in love with, it really did become a job. I’m still drawn to the social aspect of the game, so I might get into the live games again in the future. Time will tell.

Are their any hobbies/interests you want to share with the community?

There is not much time left for hobbies to be honest. After my poker career I became a full time iOS developer. Luxcore is currently taking up over 40 hours a week as well. I do try to take some time for myself every once in a while, playing League of Legends or WoW Classic.

By the time we’re publishing this Meet the Team article, celebrations for the millionth block has already begun. Can you give the community some insight into what’s coming up?

I most definitely could, but where’s the fun in that?

Alright, leaving something to the imagination, I get that. I’m sure you can give us just a tiny sneak peek?

This article will be published around block 990.000, with 10k blocks left we’ve started the countdown to the millionth block. The community can expect an announcement every day, one even better than the other. This way we’re counting down to the millionth block together.

What do you think crypto will look like in 5 years?

5 years might be a bit too early, but I wouldn’t be in crypto if I wasn’t convinced it is going to revolutionize the way we look at our financial system. I strongly believe we’re still very early adopters. We’ve invented the phone, but there is no mobile network yet. Many of the altcoin projects will eventually disappear, with a select few dominating the market. With the knowledge and drive to continue to innovate, I’m confident Luxcore will be among the dominating ones.

Thanks for sharing with us today! Is there anything you’d like to add or say to the community?

I’d like to thank the team and the community for the warm welcome they’ve given me. Over the last few weeks the team has worked around the clock to make this 1 millionth block celebration the biggest Luxcore’s community has ever seen. I just hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we do and also stop for a moment to think about how far we’ve come.

We hope you enjoyed this interview and have gotten to know Jorik a little more. Our next interview will feature Giaki (Lead RX2 developer). Please reply to our Twitter or Facebook with any questions you have for Giaki or any suggestions for other team members you would like to hear from!