Luxcore reorganizing for a bigger, brighter future

Over the past six weeks, Luxcore has completed a pair of successful hardforks in the project roadmap. The combined effects of these hardforks have introduced revolutionary new blockchain features to the Luxcore ecosystem that set it apart as one of the leading blockchain service providers in the industry.

The latest version — Mercury v5.2.1 — includes SegWit, block pruning, the PHI2 PoW/PoS algorithm, hybrid masternodes, and Smart Contracts. After months of long hours and hard development work, pushing the 25th most commits in all of crypto, the Luxcore technology has finally started to catch up to the promise this project has shown since late last year.

With the technology taking shape and transitioning from development to utility, the focus now shifts towards the business side as we seek to make Luxcore a strong, growth-oriented company moving forward. Today, we announce a massive reorganization of the Luxcore business designed to a) take fuller advantage of the skillsets already present within the organization, and b) introduce new personnel to key roles who are better equipped to captain a growth-oriented business amid the competitive blockchain environment.

The first and most significant of these developments has occurred at the very top. Brian Oliver has agreed to step down as Luxcore CEO to make way for incoming CEO, John McAfee. McAfee has been supporting Luxcore in an advisory capacity since April. McAfee brings to Luxcore’s leadership a wealth of experience in developing and growing technology companies, including the groundbreaking McAfee Associates anti-virus company he founded in 1987. As CEO, McAfee will leverage both his extensive business acumen and considerable social profile to drive real and sustainable growth in the Luxcore project.

Luxcore’s rapid development of game-changing technology requires a rapid escalation of business growth,” said McAfee. “In order to achieve the company’s growth targets, there will be a heightened emphasis on strategic marketing of products such as the PoS web wallet and the yet-to-be released LuxGate cross-platform exchange. I am excited about our aggressive growth strategy and the many innovations yet to come.”

Incoming Luxcore CEO, John McAfee

Joining McAfee as new additions to the Luxcore team are:

FragileMk, Communications and Social Strategy 
FragileMk comes to Luxcore with more than 10 years in creative marketing, operations and planning for a Fortune 500 company. He has expertise in creative execution and worldwide campaign planning. FragileMk will be responsible for managing communication and social media marketing strategy as well as day-to-day content creation and curation.

Luiz Augusto Sará, Designer 
Luiz has been working in the design space since 2006. With a specialization in applied 3D design, Luiz has designed everything from lamps to architectural models. Luiz will be responsible for graphic design, web design and user experience.

Furthermore, a few familiar faces within Luxcore are also changing roles. This includes:

John Kim, formerly Director of Client Operations, now Chief of Strategy 
John brings five years of IT and Project Management experience in the U.S. professional services industry to Luxcore. He is also the CEO of his own startup e-commerce business. In his new role, John will be responsible for developing, communicating, executing, and sustaining strategic initiatives.

Danny Kuester, formerly Community Moderator, now Director of Business Development
Danny draws from 10 years of professional experience in managing the Finance, Controlling & Supply Chain departments of manufacturing companies on three continents. As Director of Business Development, his global experience will benefit Luxcore in developing partnerships and adaptations of Luxcore products within the blockchain industry.

In addition to these new positions and roles, Brian F. has stepped down as Luxcore CTO, as has Ben Wellington, former Luxcore Marketing Director. Luxcore wishes Brian F., Ben Wellington and Brian Oliver all the best in their future endeavours within and beyond the blockchain space.

The net impact of this reorganization is that Luxcore is much more streamlined, with more clearly-defined roles among the company’s leadership. The new talent coming into Luxcore is uniquely well-suited to drive long-term sustainable growth throughout the remainder of 2018 and into 2019 as Luxcore seeks to achieve its many lofty goals on both the technology and corporate sides of the business.

Luxcore is a blockchain solutions and services ecosystem that focuses on designing and building enterprise-ready security and privacy products.