Welcome to the “new” Luxcore everyone! The millionth block has been officially mined, so we decided to take some time to thank you, the community, for making the first one million blocks a memorable experience. In the last 10,000 blocks, the Luxcore team has released a series of announcements on everything from our new PR chair, to Luxgate’s coin listings and testing, to an exchange collaboration.

Let’s take a quick look at just what we’ve accomplished in these last 10,000 blocks and what you can expect from Luxcore in the following month and year.

Meet the Team — Jorik

Our announcements kicked off with a meet-and-greet with our recently appointed Head of Public Relations, Jorik, also known as iRaisetheBar on Discord.

Jorik discusses his background, what led him to crypto, what he envisions for Luxcore’s future, and his first months in action. You can find the full article over at:

Luxgate Listing Vote

In anticipation of the release of Luxgate, the first truly decentralized P2P exchange, we began polling the community to let you decide which project will receive a free listing.

Now that the one millionth block has been mined, we’re very excited to let the Rapids ($RPD) community know they’ve won the vote, and will be one of the first projects listed on Luxgate! We will be in touch with Rapids team members shortly, to discuss further listing details.

Luxcore’s History Article

Still unsure of what exactly what Luxcore is and how we are bringing the decentralized world to you? Curious where we come from and where we’re heading? Find out more about Luxcore’s history, algorithm changes, and readily deployable decentralized infrastructure by checking out this article: & Luxcore Collaboration

Simply put, LUX holders want to know where they can purchase, sell, and trade their tokens. We understand that aligning Luxcore with reputable exchanges is a key to staying competitive in today’s otherwise cutthroat blockchain ecosystem. Timed (near) perfect with our millionth block event, we’re thrilled to announce Luxcore’s newest exchange partnership with

Our partnership with provides users LUX trading pairs with BTC, ETH, and EUR. It has also resulted in increased brand awareness and “buzz” across social media and news sites — with several major crypto media sites quickly reporting on it.

To receive notifications when LUX trading on becomes available, please sign up over at:

Roadmap Release

With 2019 quickly coming to an end, it was important for us to broadcast exactly what’s in store for the Luxcore (and crypto) community this 2020. That meant updating our roadmap, setting aggressive (yet realistic) goals, and painting a complete picture of what needs to be completed for Luxcore to solidify its position at the forefront of the decentralized world.

You can find our updated roadmap over at:

Block Reward Reduction

Long-awaited and much-debated, Luxcore is very excited to announce the reduction of block rewards by 1% every 125,000 blocks from here on out. You can find out more about our reasoning behind this reduction and how it impacts you, make sure to check out our article here:

Luxgate Testing

It’s almost time! In lead-up to our millionth block celebration, we’ve been burning that midnight oil fixing reported Luxgate bugs discovered during our open-beta tests. We’re excited to have more people come on board to join a second round of beta testing before we officially launch Luxgate.

The Millionth Block Event by the Numbers

Our millionth block event has been a major success, and we’ve got you, the Luxcore community to thank for it. During this milestone, we’ve welcomed over 600 new users to our Discord, increasing our community by a staggering 5%!

The Luxcore community has spoken, and come out in droves to show their support for the project and team. We’ve seen significant increases in social media sharing activity, with LUX tweets and media reaching over 100,000 users in the past week! That’s a 100% increase in social media activity and reach compared to previous weeks.

To Two Million & Beyond: Luxcore’s 2020 Ahead

As much as we liked the first million blocks, we’re even more excited about the next million. And, we hope you are too. Both Luxcore and the community have laid an impressive framework for our upcoming algorithm change to RX2, products, and services.

RX2 has been successfully integrated into our chain’s codebase, and is in its final stages of testing, with the miner/pool still being finalized. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcement about its release by following us on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

Once again, we’d sincerely like to thank the Luxcore community for making these million blocks a success, and we look forward to the next million and beyond!


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team