Greetings dear community! Even though we have not published a community update in some time, this does not mean that the work has stopped, quite the opposite! We are continuing to improve every product and work ‘round the clock for the big release that everybody is waiting for, LUXGATE. 
However, we still have a few steps until then and in this article we are addressing the news, articles, development, bug fixes and changes that happened since our last update.


During this period, LUXCore faced a few structural changes. John McAfee left the position as CEO of LUXCore and his spot is waiting to be filled by the propper person. In the meantime Guillaume “Arsonic” H. the COO of LUXCore is taking the interimar CEO position. Also during this time, our team has forged new partnerships and released the mobile version of the POS Web Wallet, available now for iOS and Android. In the next section you will find a summary with all articles and news that were released since our last Community Update, so you won’t miss a thing!

NEWS and Articles

General BUG FIX

  • Increase input size
  • Search mn address in qt and able to manipulate the mn list cells (high/low, a-z/z-a, and the rest)
  • Fix daemon fee error taking 4 minutes
  • Banned peers don’t get unbanned at set date
  • Fix or completely remove pruning
  • Wallet gets stuck on blocks sometimes
  • Building MAC is not properly documented and does not work as expected
  • After bans are removed the tableview does not update dynamically
  • Webwallet, adding federation ID “@gmail” and logging in through the google icon, it bypasses the request of 2FA allowing user to signin normally, high security risk
  • Webwallet — using inspect on chrome under settings you can grab the url to change the email under account — high risk IF user get hacked
  • RPC bug — listsinceblock returns all the orphans since wallet creation, even with the min confirms field
  • QT — Masternodes tab, when clicking on any of the named columns, the last column width is not kept and shrinks
  • SC bug where after 3–4 transactions all subsequent transactions fail. SC bug Using LSR tab can send a token 2–3 times then when I click confirm after that nothing ends up happening.
  • The default gas when creating/deploying a contract is often not sufficient and gets lost. Would be better to increase gas to a safer number (excess gas is returned anyway). Suggestion: 5,000,000
  • While creating a SC the wallet will crash WinQT

General Improvements

  • Qt: MN tab update time changed from 1 to 20
  • WebWallet — changing the location of login button
  • Changed on Masternode tab instead of 1/0 to display YES/NO
  • Add trigger to Masternode Search in order to refresh right away the tableview
  • Under coin control add the ability to select the first 50/100/250 inputs or select any input <, > or = to what a user input
  • Add fix “time left” on syncing page
  • Calculates the masternode rank list once, cached on the block height, then access that list until the blockheight changes

LUXGate Development

  • Add basic swap test
  • Add relay test
  • Move stopping miners in separate method
  • Allow specify host for test configuration
  • Handle createorder without relaying peer properly …
  • Add forgotten line break
  • Optimize imports
  • Force omitting dynamic extension loading straight in source file
  • Format sources
  • Add basic order cancellation test
  • Remove unused method
  • Add basic restart test
  • Shutdown node correctly
  • Make possible to restart a node in the test. Fix some pylint warnings
  • Add completion date to the history orders
  • Do not log expected rpc errors as unexpected. …
  • Keep order state codes within byte range
  • Show refunded orders as “refunded” in history
  • Add getordershistory help message and doc …
  • Move cancelled orders to the history. …
  • Possible fix for #36. Fix for linter error …
  • Merge branch ‘orders-history’
  • Create temporary directory properly
  • Reimplement the history storage using SQLite
  • Handle protocol errors, allow cancelling new orders …
  • Reformat code
  • Fix history test
  • Check for readiness to perform swaps
  • Fix response parsing
  • WIP: Finished orders storing and retrieving implementation
  • Reformat code using black formatter
  • Use fixture in some test cases

The work is not yet over and we will keep the community updated with any change that is taking place. 

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