Luxcore is proud to announce the next in our series of global strategic partnerships. We have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Gath3r, a web miner boasting their own blockchain with features such as merged mining and a turn-key solution for easy forking.

As the free web grows and morphs into Web 3.0, websites are being pressed into finding new methods of monetization that are less reliant upon the actions of visitors. In particular, advertising revenues for websites have been in sharp decline due to the proliferation of ad-blocking software and browsers. Gath3r is creating a next-generation, non-intrusive web miner to provide an alternative revenue stream for websites aside from advertising.

Their latest roadmap consists of powerful features built upon blockchain technology. Merged mining will mitigate 51% attacks against any forked chains under the Gath3r ecosystem, thereby quelling the most compelling threat against any Proof of Work blockchain. Another important feature is Gath3r’s turn-key solution that allows developers to fork or clone an existing blockchain, and subsequently develop and deploy their own coins, dapps or platforms.

This proposed partnership will greatly benefit both companies. Gath3r has agreed to use Luxcore’s proprietary in-house explorer as well as Luxcore’s Proof of Stake web and mobile wallet-as-a-service products when their blockchain rolls out as planned in accordance with their 2019 roadmap. Meanwhile, Luxcore has agreed to join Gath3r’s merged mining feature, which will offer the additional benefit of significantly reducing any potential for a 51% attack against the Proof of Work portion of Luxcore’s PHI2 hashing algorithm (a threat that is already greatly mitigated by the Proof of Stake portion of our hash). The Gath3r agreement thus acquires a licensee for Luxcore’s web/mobile wallet-as-a-service and block explorer products while simultaneously securing our blockchain against malicious attack.

Gath3r’s will be holding their Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) on the Coineal platform in the coming weeks. You can learn more about Gath3r here