Luxcore Q2 Summary + Q3 Updates.

Dear community, in this article we are presenting you a summary regarding the Q2 of 2019 for Luxcore, updates regarding our latest release, the V5.3.3 wallet and the updates for our Q3 Activity so far. Now let’s take a moment to look back at the what we accomplished in the second quarter of this year.

Starting with the beginning of April 2019, LUX was successfully integrated into the ivendPay’s system, making it possible for the first time to pay with LUX for a product from a vending machine and also for other products in the future, as ivendPay’s system will grow. The core and development teams have managed to continuously push the expansion of the project and attract more and more opportunities for LUX.

On 17 of April, LUX officially announced their partnership with Swyft and the integration into their mobile game called Crypto Hunter. This is an Augmented Reality game which allows players to collect masternode coins in their local area (Parks, Playgrounds, etc…), learn about crypto and withdraw them to their wallets or to an exchange and even cash them out if they want. An example of the gameplay can be found here in their teaser.

A few days after the Swyft partnership was revealed we also announced plans for MENA (Middle East and North Africa) expansion, for future business opportunities and by the end of the month we already engaged in a partnership with TEQNOBLOC to target MENA market.

In the busy month of April we managed to enable the Token Monitoring function on our explorer, a vital function which will help in providing the personalized explorer services developed by LUX to other blockchain projects.

Starting with May 2019, we launched a blog on our website and migrated all the news and updates that were shared on different media channels since January 2018. We wanted to bring together all the information about our project so it will be easier for new investors to find what they are looking for, since everything will be in one place. On 10th of May we released the design of our future DEX, LUXGATE, for everybody to have a hint about what’s coming out from our “labs”.

By the half of May we announced a new global strategic partnership with for a very promising future in the web industry. We have also approached the Cryptopia issue, trying to establish a dialog with Cryptopia Liquidators regarding the approximately 1Million LUX Coins that are still in Cryptopia’s custody but unfortunately did not received a response, so we had to take a firm decision on our end which has led to a ban on Cryptopia’s LUX Addresses, for spending or staking the LUX Coins. The ban was pushed in our latest release (V5.3.3). During the same month John McAfee and LUX have agreed to part company and currently Luxcore has invested the Chief Of Operations as CEO.

We must also remember the great the friendship we have forged with Ron Perlman, the well known actor from Hellboy and other great action movies. A great day, to be continued…!

In June, the final month of Q2 we managed to come up with the new reward system, which was engineered to provide more stability for our network and for the investors, balancing the rewards from POS and POW. Together with this change we also implemented a dev fee in order to secure a part of the liquidity needed to push the project forward and to ensure the continuity of providing quality services and products.

One more accomplishment was also the listing on NEXT Exchange which came as a result of a common effort from our community and NEXT Exchange’s wish to provide a new trading place for the projects that were affected by Cryptopia’s shutdown.

On the 28th of June we announced that the Alpha testing for LUXGATE was a success and we are advancing to the next stages. We also provided a brief introduction to LUXGATE for the community that explains the functions of LUXGATE. The following day, on the 29th we announced the implementation of Token Management feature on our POS Web Wallet. Same as the Token Monitoring feature on our explorer, this function will allow other blockchain projects to acquire our unique services for web staking. On the same day we also announced that our DFS (Decentralized File System) has reached its beta version and it’s now one step closer to completion.

Luxgate – Truly Trustless Decentralized Exchange for the peopleAs we stated at the beginning of this article we want to build an exchange for the people, but also an exchange for all…

Q3 (July — September 2019)

LUX is stepping into Q3 2019 with the same excitement and determination to provide the tools for the ongoing blockchain revolution.

The fork at blockcheight 828100 was successful and implemented.
All exchanges will shortly open their wallets after the update is complete on their end as well.

The V5.3.3 Wallet which was released before the fork contains multiple bug fixes, improvements and the ban on Cryptopia’s LUX addresses.

Here you can see an overview of our latest release:

We thank our community for their continuous support!

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– The Luxcore Team


Greetings dear community! Even though we have not published a community update in some time, this does not mean that the work has stopped, quite the opposite! We are continuing to improve every product and work ‘round the clock for the big release that everybody is waiting for, LUXGATE. 
However, we still have a few steps until then and in this article we are addressing the news, articles, development, bug fixes and changes that happened since our last update.


During this period, LUXCore faced a few structural changes. John McAfee left the position as CEO of LUXCore and his spot is waiting to be filled by the propper person. In the meantime Guillaume “Arsonic” H. the COO of LUXCore is taking the interimar CEO position. Also during this time, our team has forged new partnerships and released the mobile version of the POS Web Wallet, available now for iOS and Android. In the next section you will find a summary with all articles and news that were released since our last Community Update, so you won’t miss a thing!

NEWS and Articles

General BUG FIX

  • Increase input size
  • Search mn address in qt and able to manipulate the mn list cells (high/low, a-z/z-a, and the rest)
  • Fix daemon fee error taking 4 minutes
  • Banned peers don’t get unbanned at set date
  • Fix or completely remove pruning
  • Wallet gets stuck on blocks sometimes
  • Building MAC is not properly documented and does not work as expected
  • After bans are removed the tableview does not update dynamically
  • Webwallet, adding federation ID “@gmail” and logging in through the google icon, it bypasses the request of 2FA allowing user to signin normally, high security risk
  • Webwallet — using inspect on chrome under settings you can grab the url to change the email under account — high risk IF user get hacked
  • RPC bug — listsinceblock returns all the orphans since wallet creation, even with the min confirms field
  • QT — Masternodes tab, when clicking on any of the named columns, the last column width is not kept and shrinks
  • SC bug where after 3–4 transactions all subsequent transactions fail. SC bug Using LSR tab can send a token 2–3 times then when I click confirm after that nothing ends up happening.
  • The default gas when creating/deploying a contract is often not sufficient and gets lost. Would be better to increase gas to a safer number (excess gas is returned anyway). Suggestion: 5,000,000
  • While creating a SC the wallet will crash WinQT

General Improvements

  • Qt: MN tab update time changed from 1 to 20
  • WebWallet — changing the location of login button
  • Changed on Masternode tab instead of 1/0 to display YES/NO
  • Add trigger to Masternode Search in order to refresh right away the tableview
  • Under coin control add the ability to select the first 50/100/250 inputs or select any input <, > or = to what a user input
  • Add fix “time left” on syncing page
  • Calculates the masternode rank list once, cached on the block height, then access that list until the blockheight changes

LUXGate Development

  • Add basic swap test
  • Add relay test
  • Move stopping miners in separate method
  • Allow specify host for test configuration
  • Handle createorder without relaying peer properly …
  • Add forgotten line break
  • Optimize imports
  • Force omitting dynamic extension loading straight in source file
  • Format sources
  • Add basic order cancellation test
  • Remove unused method
  • Add basic restart test
  • Shutdown node correctly
  • Make possible to restart a node in the test. Fix some pylint warnings
  • Add completion date to the history orders
  • Do not log expected rpc errors as unexpected. …
  • Keep order state codes within byte range
  • Show refunded orders as “refunded” in history
  • Add getordershistory help message and doc …
  • Move cancelled orders to the history. …
  • Possible fix for #36. Fix for linter error …
  • Merge branch ‘orders-history’
  • Create temporary directory properly
  • Reimplement the history storage using SQLite
  • Handle protocol errors, allow cancelling new orders …
  • Reformat code
  • Fix history test
  • Check for readiness to perform swaps
  • Fix response parsing
  • WIP: Finished orders storing and retrieving implementation
  • Reformat code using black formatter
  • Use fixture in some test cases

The work is not yet over and we will keep the community updated with any change that is taking place. 

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For any questions please contact us on Discord for 24/7 support or via e-mail at [email protected]

The Luxcore Team


Luxcore is proud to announce the next in our series of global strategic partnerships. We have recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Gath3r, a web miner boasting their own blockchain with features such as merged mining and a turn-key solution for easy forking.

As the free web grows and morphs into Web 3.0, websites are being pressed into finding new methods of monetization that are less reliant upon the actions of visitors. In particular, advertising revenues for websites have been in sharp decline due to the proliferation of ad-blocking software and browsers. Gath3r is creating a next-generation, non-intrusive web miner to provide an alternative revenue stream for websites aside from advertising.

Their latest roadmap consists of powerful features built upon blockchain technology. Merged mining will mitigate 51% attacks against any forked chains under the Gath3r ecosystem, thereby quelling the most compelling threat against any Proof of Work blockchain. Another important feature is Gath3r’s turn-key solution that allows developers to fork or clone an existing blockchain, and subsequently develop and deploy their own coins, dapps or platforms.

This proposed partnership will greatly benefit both companies. Gath3r has agreed to use Luxcore’s proprietary in-house explorer as well as Luxcore’s Proof of Stake web and mobile wallet-as-a-service products when their blockchain rolls out as planned in accordance with their 2019 roadmap. Meanwhile, Luxcore has agreed to join Gath3r’s merged mining feature, which will offer the additional benefit of significantly reducing any potential for a 51% attack against the Proof of Work portion of Luxcore’s PHI2 hashing algorithm (a threat that is already greatly mitigated by the Proof of Stake portion of our hash). The Gath3r agreement thus acquires a licensee for Luxcore’s web/mobile wallet-as-a-service and block explorer products while simultaneously securing our blockchain against malicious attack.

Gath3r’s will be holding their Initial Exchange Offer (IEO) on the Coineal platform in the coming weeks. You can learn more about Gath3r here



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The Luxcore Team

LUXCORE announces partnership with TEQNOBLOC to target MENA market.

Last week, Luxcore announced that it would seek to build a strong network of global business partnerships in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region over the coming months.

We are delighted to confirm that this process has already got off to a successful start. Luxcore has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with TEQNOBLOC, a renowned technology and digital transformation consulting firm, in order to jointly develop blockchain products and undertake consultation and services projects in the MENA region.

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To add even more — To our amazing block explorer as promised in our roadmap, we have added the ability to see and monitor tokens that are on the LUX blockchain

Here are all the options that have been added to our custom explorer :

1. added extra token page with token details
 a. ability to see every token tx
 b. ability to see balance of token holders

2. added token tx to transaction page
3. added token tx to block page
4. added token tx to address page
5. added token balance to address page

We have also increased the speed of our explorer to be one of the fastest out there, it only take 2 hours to sync the full blockchain (time for an ~1gb chain).

Try it now:



Luxcore set its sights on MENA for expansion of global business partnerships in the coming months.

Blockchain is increasingly becoming a budgeting priority for many countries around the world. Although North America, Europe, and Asia are the traditional technology leaders, one region that is making a large impact in the blockchain space may come as a surprise to some. “Middle East and North Africa (MENA) IT spending is projected to reach $160 billion in 2019, a 1.8 percent increase from 2018,” according to the latest forecast by Gartner, Inc. MENA is also increasing its budget for blockchain spending and not surprisingly almost doubling it every year until 2021.

Looking further ahead (and including all of the African continent), the International Data Corporation (IDC) forecasts “blockchain spending in MEA to reach $307 million in 2021, which represents a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 77.4% for the 2016–2021 period.” IDC goes on to indicate that the most popular blockchain use cases in 2021 will be cross-border payments and settlements, assets/goods management and identity management. These three areas alone will account for a third of MEA’s overall blockchain expenditures in 2021.

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LUX now available on ivendPay!

We are proud to announce that Luxcoin has been officially integrated into ivendPay’s integrated point-of-sale payment system. ivendPay is the world’s first multi-currency payment system for enabling payments in any cryptocurrency, digital or fiat currency.

ivendPay is the world’s leading solution for enabling mobile payments for any type of goods and services via QR-code. ivendPay vendors accept a myriad of fiat and cryptocurrencies, now including LUX. They currently have two products: a payment module for vending machines and a mPOS terminal.


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Introducing the New Luxcore PoS Mobile Wallet for Android / iOS

Table of Contents:

  1. What Can You Do With Your PoS Mobile Wallet?
    a. Staking LUX With Your PoS Mobile Wallet
    b. Securing Your Funds Via the LUX Mobile Wallet
    c. Heightened User Control When Transacting
  2. Walkthrough: How to Use the LUX PoS Mobile Wallet
  3. Final Thoughts

Hello Luxcore community and readers! We’re excited to announce the rollout of our new Luxcore Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Mobile Wallet for Android/iOS a follow up to our already first-of-a-kind PoS web wallet for storing your LUX. At Luxcore, we’ve been striving to bridge the gap between everyday users and highly technical concepts which otherwise would have been just a mere buzzword for most.

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Luxcore lays out its plans for growth though 2019

This past Thursday (March 21), Luxcore released its detailed project roadmap for 2019, outlining exactly what tasks are being worked on, how far along towards completion each task is, as well as expected timelines.

In recent months, development throughout much of the blockchain industry began to slow as cryptocurrency markets went into retreat and funding availability became suppressed. Luxcore, though, continued to trundle on, quietly working on important long-term projects like LuxGate and the Parallel Masternode Network.

Here is a summary of some of the more important details from last week’s roadmap:

Custom Block Explorer

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