Luxgate Update Report – February, 2020

We’re already one month into 2020 and excited to have rolled out the Luxgate Beta v.1.2.0 for beta testers. This latest release and update puts us one step closer towards Luxgate’s public release. We will continue to update you, the Luxcore community, as we approach this anticipated release!

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Now, let’s have a look at several of the major bugs and issues we fixed in this latest round of Luxgate testing.

LuxGate Key Fixes

The Luxgate Order Book

After thorough testing, we were able to fix a major smart contract issue plaguing Luxgate since its last release. The issue involved user orders remaining “stuck” and visible in the smart contract after the software crashed and closed.

Now, all orders in the Luxgate order book that are not available (or no longer available) will be automatically deleted from the Luxgate order book within 30 seconds and placed back online when a user opens their wallet again.

This fix prevents the Luxgate order book from becoming clogged and potentially unusable — especially as more users are on-boarded to the platform.

Ongoing Luxgate Testing

To ensure Luxgate is operating smoothly upon public release, it is crucial that we conduct several rounds of user testing to resolve key issues, implement additional features, and fine-tune the product.

For this next round of Luxgate beta testing, if everything goes to plan, then we are planning to release a public beta testing round. Stay tuned for the latest updates!

Final Thoughts on Luxgate, Decentralization & the Future

Luxgate is positioned to be an entirely decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform in the hands of its users, so our priority is getting it to where it needs to be so that you, the Luxcore community, can seamlessly realize the power of decentralization. The very crux of the concept of decentralization focuses on the transfer of authority from a central entity or organization to the hands of “regional” and “local” actors. Luxgate removes central points of failure that have long afflicted traditional centralized exchanges, such as UPbit, Bithumb, and Cryptopia.

It is time that cryptocurrency and blockchain users can confidently secure their funds and not avail themselves to malicious actors due to systemic centralized failures.

As Decentralized Finance, also known as DeFi, is becoming more of a necessity in today’s financial ecosystem, we recommend that every Luxcore user reading this check out this list of 219 DeFi projects built on the Ethereum network that are overhauling traditional financial instruments, products, and institutions. Let us know in the comments any applications or products that stand out to you!

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-The Luxcore Team