Welcome to the “new” Luxcore everyone! The millionth block has been officially mined, so we decided to take some time to thank you, the community, for making the first one million blocks a memorable experience. In the last 10,000 blocks, the Luxcore team has released a series of announcements on everything from our new PR chair, to Luxgate’s coin listings and testing, to an exchange collaboration.

Let’s take a quick look at just what we’ve accomplished in these last 10,000 blocks and what you can expect from Luxcore in the following month and year.

Meet the Team — Jorik

Our announcements kicked off with a meet-and-greet with our recently appointed Head of Public Relations, Jorik, also known as iRaisetheBar on Discord.

Jorik discusses his background, what led him to crypto, what he envisions for Luxcore’s future, and his first months in action. You can find the full article over at:

Luxgate Listing Vote

In anticipation of the release of Luxgate, the first truly decentralized P2P exchange, we began polling the community to let you decide which project will receive a free listing.

Now that the one millionth block has been mined, we’re very excited to let the Rapids ($RPD) community know they’ve won the vote, and will be one of the first projects listed on Luxgate! We will be in touch with Rapids team members shortly, to discuss further listing details.

Luxcore’s History Article

Still unsure of what exactly what Luxcore is and how we are bringing the decentralized world to you? Curious where we come from and where we’re heading? Find out more about Luxcore’s history, algorithm changes, and readily deployable decentralized infrastructure by checking out this article: & Luxcore Collaboration

Simply put, LUX holders want to know where they can purchase, sell, and trade their tokens. We understand that aligning Luxcore with reputable exchanges is a key to staying competitive in today’s otherwise cutthroat blockchain ecosystem. Timed (near) perfect with our millionth block event, we’re thrilled to announce Luxcore’s newest exchange partnership with

Our partnership with provides users LUX trading pairs with BTC, ETH, and EUR. It has also resulted in increased brand awareness and “buzz” across social media and news sites — with several major crypto media sites quickly reporting on it.

To receive notifications when LUX trading on becomes available, please sign up over at:

Roadmap Release

With 2019 quickly coming to an end, it was important for us to broadcast exactly what’s in store for the Luxcore (and crypto) community this 2020. That meant updating our roadmap, setting aggressive (yet realistic) goals, and painting a complete picture of what needs to be completed for Luxcore to solidify its position at the forefront of the decentralized world.

You can find our updated roadmap over at:

Block Reward Reduction

Long-awaited and much-debated, Luxcore is very excited to announce the reduction of block rewards by 1% every 125,000 blocks from here on out. You can find out more about our reasoning behind this reduction and how it impacts you, make sure to check out our article here:

Luxgate Testing

It’s almost time! In lead-up to our millionth block celebration, we’ve been burning that midnight oil fixing reported Luxgate bugs discovered during our open-beta tests. We’re excited to have more people come on board to join a second round of beta testing before we officially launch Luxgate.

The Millionth Block Event by the Numbers

Our millionth block event has been a major success, and we’ve got you, the Luxcore community to thank for it. During this milestone, we’ve welcomed over 600 new users to our Discord, increasing our community by a staggering 5%!

The Luxcore community has spoken, and come out in droves to show their support for the project and team. We’ve seen significant increases in social media sharing activity, with LUX tweets and media reaching over 100,000 users in the past week! That’s a 100% increase in social media activity and reach compared to previous weeks.

To Two Million & Beyond: Luxcore’s 2020 Ahead

As much as we liked the first million blocks, we’re even more excited about the next million. And, we hope you are too. Both Luxcore and the community have laid an impressive framework for our upcoming algorithm change to RX2, products, and services.

RX2 has been successfully integrated into our chain’s codebase, and is in its final stages of testing, with the miner/pool still being finalized. Keep an eye out for upcoming announcement about its release by following us on Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

Once again, we’d sincerely like to thank the Luxcore community for making these million blocks a success, and we look forward to the next million and beyond!


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team


We at Luxcore strive to continuously improve our products and chain and as a result we continue to expand our market. We’ve made some amazing progress with our now in beta exchange Luxgate. In addition to that, we’ve are working hard at integrating our innovative and arguably revolutionary algorithm RX2 and soon we will showcase our latest product, Luxedge. With progression like this we feel our chain’s reward system should progress with it. This is why we will be introducing a 1% block reward reduction every 125K blocks starting from the 1 millionth block. You can expect the first reward reduction to take place at block 1.125.000.

Many coins have already followed into Bitcoin’s path of halving their rewards every 4 years. While this has served Bitcoin well so far, we at Luxcore feel reward reductions should not be an ecosystem disrupting event. Speculators may drive up the price only to dump at the event, causing market disruption. Miners witnessing a halving in their rewards may move to other projects, causing hash rates to drop and possibly affecting the security of the blockchain.

By implementing these small and gradual changes to the block rewards we’re avoiding the possible negative market impact while still providing a fair chance for the entire crypto community to participate. We are very happy with these upcoming changes and we’re confident our community will be too.


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team and Luxcore announce a collaboration and Luxcore announce a collaboration

The cryptocurrency market has started to further professionalize., one of the most promising upcoming exchanges in the blockchain industry enters into a partnership with Luxcore. Luxcore focuses on building decentralized blockchain security and privacy products.

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed major shifts in the cryptocurrency market. Many hype driven projects launched in 2017 are no longer afloat,those that survived, however, are forming themselves into established companies ready to take the next steps and flourish in this developing market. supports such companies by listing them on their trading platform. It’s an investment of sorts in innovative companies. The demand is enormous and innovation needs freedom to develop further. foresees this need and allows assets to be traded in a market that is currently representing a value of over 250 billion dollars.

The growth potential in the blockchain and cryptocurrency market is tremendous. However, many companies are left with the question of how “blockchain” can best be implemented in their business operations. Luxcore can be of great value here, due to having separated itself from the field for quite some time with its groundbreaking algorithm, PHI2. Soon they will make a transition to the RX2 (a RandomX derivative) algorithm that will revolutionize the industry. RX2 is designed for ASIC resistance and to act as a safeguard against specialized mining hardware due to its feature that simulates a virtual CPU. With RX2, Luxcore seems to have found the perfect balance between GPU and CPU mining for a fair mining opportunity for everyone who wants to contribute to the network.

Luxcore has been the first with introducing a Proof of Stake web wallet. This wallet allows users to access and pay with their Lux at any time, anywhere in the world. Due to the hybrid nature of their blockchain and wallets spread over dozens of highly secured servers, Luxcore is able to safely offer this service to its community. The web wallet automatically optimizes for staking, which means that users can easily contribute to the decentralization of the chain and will receive block rewards in return. You will never have to deal with difficult wallet upgrades again because the web wallet is fully maintained by the Luxcore team.

The potential of a truly decentralized chain is enormous. With products like Luxedge which is a “git” platform that uses the “decentralized file storage” side of the chain, Luxcore shows that it is dedicated to building an entire ecosystem. Developers can use Luxedge to safely and privately build software that we all love, without relying on a third party like Github.

Luxcore has developed itself from a startup with potential to one of the leaders in the field in a very short time. With their constant development of revolutionary and innovative algorithms, products and services, we look forward to what Luxcore will come up with next.

Because of the collaboration between and Luxcore, Luxcoin will be tradable with ticker LUX at the launch of the renewed platform in December. Users will be able to purchase LUX directly with Euros, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can sign up here to be notified when Lux is tradable on


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team

Luxcore: Your Bridge to the Decentralized World

Luxcore is a blockchain solutions and services ecosystem focused on building decentralized privacy and security infrastructure and products for individuals and enterprise. Since its inception, Luxcore has maintained an upward trajectory and upheld an ambitious ethos, quickly becoming (arguably) one of the most secure blockchain networks in existence. With our knowledgeable, transparent, and highly skilled team, we not only continue to innovate, but overhaul modern blockchain technology and its respective use cases.

Below, we’ll discuss how we arrived here and what you can expect from us and the Luxcore platform in the future.

Luxcore: A Brief History

Let’s take a brief look at Luxcore’s history to understand where we came from and better understand where we are headed in the future!

Luxcore’s 2017

Launched in 2017, Luxcore established its unique approach to traditional blockchain infrastructure from the get-go, rolling out a Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake hybrid chain known as PHI1612, further secured by masternodes. LUX masternodes enabled investors and enterprise to secure the Luxcore network by running a dedicated 24/7 server by locking up a set portion of their LUX (16,120).

Not only did this hybrid chain tackle common hash security issues faced by other blockchain projects over the years, but enabled extreme energy efficiency — something severely lacking with a traditional PoW consensus algorithm.

Our PoW algorithm was celebrated by GPU miners as a true answer to remediating cryptocurrency mining’s ecological footprint. As news spread, LUX became popular amongst GPU miners and gained market recognition as one of the most profitable coins to mine (as touted by major third-party tracking websites).

Luxcore’s 2018

In June 2018, lead by Luxcore’s Chief Cryptographer Tanguy Pruvot (tpruvot), Luxcore released its enhanced version of PHI1612, PHI2. Specifically, PHI2 added new anti-FPGA functionality to protect against network tampering and centralization and introduced even greater industry-leading electricity consumption and heat generation efficiency.

LUX has always prioritized GPU miners by actively preventing the consolidation of mining power by use of specialized hardware.

Luxcore Today

In furtherance of GPU miner sustainability, egalitarian rewards, and true distribution of hash power amongst the people, Luxcore announced their switch to the RandomX2 (RX2) mining algorithm in September of this year (2019).

This switch is both essential for Luxcore’s ability to compete in today’s blockchain ecosystem, and implement best security, privacy, and efficiency practices. Simply put, RX2 is positioning Luxcore to be at the forefront of the decentralized world.

The Luxcore Lesson

Luxcore has grown a great deal in its near-three year history, with each lesson building on top of the other and preparation of the network for today’s ever-changing market and user demands. We have benefited greatly from a dedicated team, with diverse backgrounds in enterprise, cryptography, marketing, PR, and countless other fields, and forged new relationships with blockchain industry leaders and members of the community.

We have especially enjoyed the wide support and feedback from our community, and certainly wouldn’t be where we are today without them. We look forward to hearing your comments, critiques, and thoughts about the direction of Luxcore, and will do our best to thoughtfully reflect on each suggestion.

So what is ahead for Luxcore this 2019 and 2020?

Luxcore’s 2019 & 2020 Ahead

Luxcore has been burning the candle at both ends this 2019 and is set to continue this 2020. Below are several key features and products you can expect for the Luxcore network and ecosystem in the upcoming months and year.

RX2 Algorithm Implementation

The Luxcore team is hard at work on our next algorithm, and you can expect an update from us on this very soon!

Luxgate: The First True DEX

We’re thrilled to toss our hat in the ring by building the first truly decentralized trading exchange, Luxgate. Luxgate is set to utilize atomic swaps and smart contract order books to enable peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, and positioned to shift control back to the crypto community and its users.

Specifically, Luxgate is set to eliminate third-party interference and trading fees. We are currently in beta testing for Luxgate with a team selected by our community.

Beta testing is going extremely well and we are expected to expand our test group as we progress to the next stage before final release (MVP). We have already announced the listing of several coins and projects, which can be found over at our Twitter page and Discord.

If you’d like more information about Luxgate or find out how your project can be among the first listed, please visit us at

Luxedge & Decentralized File Storage (DFS)

Putting power back in the hands of developers silenced by centralized software development platforms, Luxedge is a decentralized software development repository and platform. Luxedge is built on top of Luxcore’s Decentralized File System (DFS) to ensure immutable commits and access, and platform reliability.

You can read up further on Luxedge over at

Final Thoughts

Between Luxgate, Luxedge, and RX2’s implementation, we are truly distinguishing ourselves from other blockchain platforms and ecosystems and building a suite of core products to serve individuals and major markets.

We are proud to be at the forefront of making a truly decentralized world a reality. For more information about our team, products, and platform, please visit us at

Finally, make sure to follow us on the below channels to stay updated about our progress!








-The Luxcore Team

Meet the team feat. Jorik

Hello and welcome to the second edition of our monthly “Meet the Team” article where we get to learn more about Luxcore team members. Featuring today our new Head of Public Relations, Jorik (iRaiseTheBar).

First of all, welcome to the team! Back when you joined we didn’t get to give you a proper introduction, but you told us you would get to that once you’ve settled. Can you tell us why you chose to do it this way?

You’re absolutely right. At the time of joining I felt the urgency laid in introducing myself to Luxcore’s important business relations. I also wanted to get to know the team and learn more about workflows first. I’m sure you know what I mean.

You’ve been a long time member of the Luxcore community, can you tell us a bit more about your background and how you got into Crypto?

It’s actually all tied together. I was a professional poker player for almost 8 years and “backing” players is quite common in that line of work. With thousands of dollars being transferred over Neteller and Moneybookers you can only begin to imagine the exchange fees that were being paid. Bitcoin had a real use case for us, which is how I got into crypto in the first place. Then, former professional poker player, Doug Polk started his very own crypto news channel which I followed religiously. He never “chilled” a single coin, so when he first made a video about how he thought Luxcore had a real shot of changing the industry, my interest was sparked.

That’s a unique background to have. Are you still playing?

Nope. I quit poker by the end of 2017 and haven’t touched a card since. When you’ve played professionally for 8 years, you no longer see it as the game you fell in love with, it really did become a job. I’m still drawn to the social aspect of the game, so I might get into the live games again in the future. Time will tell.

Are their any hobbies/interests you want to share with the community?

There is not much time left for hobbies to be honest. After my poker career I became a full time iOS developer. Luxcore is currently taking up over 40 hours a week as well. I do try to take some time for myself every once in a while, playing League of Legends or WoW Classic.

By the time we’re publishing this Meet the Team article, celebrations for the millionth block has already begun. Can you give the community some insight into what’s coming up?

I most definitely could, but where’s the fun in that?

Alright, leaving something to the imagination, I get that. I’m sure you can give us just a tiny sneak peek?

This article will be published around block 990.000, with 10k blocks left we’ve started the countdown to the millionth block. The community can expect an announcement every day, one even better than the other. This way we’re counting down to the millionth block together.

What do you think crypto will look like in 5 years?

5 years might be a bit too early, but I wouldn’t be in crypto if I wasn’t convinced it is going to revolutionize the way we look at our financial system. I strongly believe we’re still very early adopters. We’ve invented the phone, but there is no mobile network yet. Many of the altcoin projects will eventually disappear, with a select few dominating the market. With the knowledge and drive to continue to innovate, I’m confident Luxcore will be among the dominating ones.

Thanks for sharing with us today! Is there anything you’d like to add or say to the community?

I’d like to thank the team and the community for the warm welcome they’ve given me. Over the last few weeks the team has worked around the clock to make this 1 millionth block celebration the biggest Luxcore’s community has ever seen. I just hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we do and also stop for a moment to think about how far we’ve come.

We hope you enjoyed this interview and have gotten to know Jorik a little more. Our next interview will feature Giaki (Lead RX2 developer). Please reply to our Twitter or Facebook with any questions you have for Giaki or any suggestions for other team members you would like to hear from!

Luxcore November Development Update

Important Announcement! Cryptocurrency exchange CryptoBridge recently announced the delisting of 150 cryptocurrencies, Luxcore included. Make sure to withdraw your LUX before November 25th, 2019 or you’ll no longer have access to your tokens.

Coming hot off the heels of a giant September and October, the Luxcore team has been in a state of refining our recently implemented (and soon to be released) products and code. Our goal is to create a sustainable platform to act as a formidable bridge between the centralized and decentralized world. With several new listings to our upcoming decentralized exchange ‘Luxgate’, increased buzz on social media, and changes to our one-of-a-kind PoS web wallet, we’re firing on all cylinders and one step closer towards making the decentralized world accessible to all.

As Luxgate’s MVP approaches (after Beta testing is satisfied), make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord to stay in the loop with announcements, release dates and other important Luxcore updates. Also, make sure to check out the Luxcore blog for educational articles and announcements!

Now, let’s take a look at what we’ve tackled and worked on this October and November.

Luxcore Network

Solidifying network security and efficacy, Luxcore developer ‘Giaki’ has:

  • Created a submodule based off the current RX2 parameters
  • Moved to a submodule-based configuration
  • Fixed most linking issues on Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX) platforms
  • Implemented a new flag detection function
  • Added warnings for users based off which flags they are running
  • Tested several forking scenarios
  • Threaded seed selection so the VM creation time isn’t wasted
  • Started working on a “larger stratum” to accomodate for the seed hash.

If you’re curious to learn more about smart contract scaling, Schnorr signatures, and decentralized storage (DFS), we recommend checking out an October podcast where Giaki sat down with YouTube channel Smart Reach.

Luxgate & Web Wallet

On the Luxgate end of things, Luxcore’s upcoming decentralized exchange, developer ‘Sebi’ has:

  • Created the Luxgate website which tracks each project’s LUX holdings, and
  • Shows their total earnings from staking or masternode rewards.

And, for users frustrated with occasional blank pages appearing on the Luxcore PoS web wallet, Sebi added loading indicators (a small spinner) to spin until a user’s LUX balance is loaded.

If you’re currently using our PoS web wallet (or considering it), we recommend checking out our latest announcement on its transition to a paid service (USD $1.50 per month paid in LUX) beginning December 7th, 2019. Do note that you don’t need to do anything to pay this new fee, as it will automatically be deducted from your balance.

Finally, have any blockchain projects in mind that you’d like to see listed on Luxgate? Let us know by shooting us a message on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, or Discord.


Since Jorik’s inauguration as head of PR for Luxcore, marketing efforts have been in full swing. Most notably, such efforts have yielded the attention and Luxgate listings of several promising blockchain projects, including:

We are also proud to announce that we have secured a Discord vanity URL to further branding initiatives and community accessibility. We’d especially like to thank the Luxcore community for all the boosts and make sure to spread the news on your respective social media accounts!

Stay tuned to see what else we have in store for 2019 by following us on the below channels:


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team