Introducing the New Luxcore PoS Mobile Wallet for Android / iOS

Table of Contents:

  1. What Can You Do With Your PoS Mobile Wallet?
    a. Staking LUX With Your PoS Mobile Wallet
    b. Securing Your Funds Via the LUX Mobile Wallet
    c. Heightened User Control When Transacting
  2. Walkthrough: How to Use the LUX PoS Mobile Wallet
  3. Final Thoughts

Hello Luxcore community and readers! We’re excited to announce the rollout of our new Luxcore Proof-of-Stake (PoS) Mobile Wallet for Android/iOS a follow up to our already first-of-a-kind PoS web wallet for storing your LUX. At Luxcore, we’ve been striving to bridge the gap between everyday users and highly technical concepts which otherwise would have been just a mere buzzword for most.

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Luxcore lays out its plans for growth though 2019

This past Thursday (March 21), Luxcore released its detailed project roadmap for 2019, outlining exactly what tasks are being worked on, how far along towards completion each task is, as well as expected timelines.

In recent months, development throughout much of the blockchain industry began to slow as cryptocurrency markets went into retreat and funding availability became suppressed. Luxcore, though, continued to trundle on, quietly working on important long-term projects like LuxGate and the Parallel Masternode Network.

Here is a summary of some of the more important details from last week’s roadmap:

Custom Block Explorer

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Luxcore Weekly Report: March 22, 2019


We just released our 2019 Roadmap!

We’ve added exciting milestones to our roadmap and are hopeful to achieve them. As you can see, we’ve had plenty of milestones hit in Q1 and will promise to keep delivering in the next quarters. We have also released a more detailed roadmap article that you can download here.

Introduction to Luxcore’s in-house Explorer.

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Introduction to Luxcore’s in-house Explorer.

Greetings dear readers! As you may know already, LUX released its brand new in-house blockchain explorer! Before we dive into our fresh out block explorer let me explain a thing or two for the new comers about what the blockchain explorer stands for.

A blockchain explorer is simply a browser for blockchain, it allows an user to track everything that happens on that blockchain. You do not need special credentials to use a blockchain explorer, it is free and available for everyone.

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A changing of the guard at Luxcore for improved productivity and quality control

It is with great enthusiasm that Luxcore announces two important additions to the development team. Luxcore has officially appointed Enkayz and Giacomo as full-time Luxcore staff. Both are full-stack developers and both are highly experienced in using blockchain as a codebase. Prior to joining Lux, they freelanced for many other notable projects, frequently solving development tasks that those projects’ own in-house staff were unable to solve.

Here is an illustration of the skill and professionalism enkayz and Giacomo bring to the Lux team: the Luxcore testing team led by Remco had compiled a bug tracker listing a couple dozen bugs in the core and wallet. This bug tracker had been open for months. When enkayz and Giacomo joined the Luxcore team, they wiped the entire tracker clean within 72 hours. Thus, these additions to our development team portend to give a huge boost to both the productivity and quality control of all Luxcore blockchain products and services.

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