Luxcore Weekly Report: February 8, 2019


Weekly updates are back!

Weekly updates went on hiatus over the Christmas holidays and returned for the week of January 7 to 11 only to disappear again. This was merely a function of the team focusing entirely on the 5.3.0 and subsequent 5.3.1 releases. Now that those are out, you can expect to see project updates every week from Lux once again. You will also see, from reading what may be our most robust update ever below, that the lack of updates does not reflect a lack of progress and development in Luxcore.

Luxcore v5.3.1 released

Hot on the heels of the mandatory v5.3.0 release, Luxcore has released a maintenance wallet version to address some bugs and UI issues. Although not a mandatory update, v5.3.1 is highly recommended. Get it today! See the Development Updates below to find out what has been improved in v5.3.1.

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