Luxcore year in review: The story so far

As this is my first blog entry, I find it fitting to be able to start with a Happy New Year message on behalf of the Luxcore team. As the calendar flips to January, not only is it a new year, it’s also something of a new beginning for Luxcore.

New brand, new logo, new website with new headshots of the team members — all the aesthetic changes have already been released. The nuts n’ bolts changes, though — including Luxcore v. 4.0 — await us in the New Year. As such, 2018 promises to be a very different year in Luxland compared to 2017. Join me, then, as I take a moment to reflect on the past few months in Luxland…

On October 2, @216k155 posted an ANN thread for a new coin called BHCoin, announcing the new PHI1612 POW/POS hybrid algorithm as offering “faster transactions, reduced heat and lower electricity bills.” Thanks to the involvement of the initial marketing team, saner thoughts prevailed and there was a rethink on the name and logo. Development was proceeding at a furious pace. So fast, in fact, that only five days later and just three days before launch, the placeholder name of BHCoin was dropped, replaced by LUXCoin.

Lux logo, through the ages

LUXCoin launched on October 10 to a raucous chorus of supporters and fudders alike. Thanks to the timely efforts of both @tpruvot and @elbandi, both Nvidia and AMD miners had access to optimized miners for the brand-new PHI1612 algorithm right from the get-go. But the get-go didn’t go so smoothly and multiple mining pools each found themselves on different chains. The blockchain had to be relaunched and the second go-around worked like a charm. By then, though, there were already over 20 pages of comments in the bitcointalk ANN thread, many of which were proclaiming “SCAM!”

You must remember, the LUXCoin launch came hot on the heels of some of the more notorious deceptions in the cryptocurrency marketplace that were still fresh in everyone’s mind. Between that, the last-minute rebranding and the false start at launch, LUXCoin became a preferred target for fudders. Things got so out of hand that @anorganix finally had to close the moderated ANN thread and replace it with a non-moderated one so that, as he said, “everybody has a chance to express their opinion and I will not be accused of hiding the devs or censoring posts.”

But what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, as they say, and I think the pervasiveness of fud all around Lux made the community of supporters all the stronger for it. The moderated ANN thread was closed on November 18, and I think that marked a turning point in Lux’s history when the chorus of support finally started to drown out the chorus of fud and people really started to appreciate what the project was doing.

There have been some other hiccups along the way, no doubt, but these did not prevent tremendous growth in the Luxcore ecosystem since mid-November in all aspects of the project. Miners and investors grew increasingly attracted to the project as @216k155 and his expanding team of support devs made more and more progress towards realizing some of the many ambitious goals the project has had.

And now, as we head into 2018, we have good reason to be excited about what’s in store for Luxcore. SegWit, Smart Contracts, LuxGate and Parallel Masternodes — and of course, more blog entries from yours truly — all suggest that 2018 may very well be the Year of the Luxcore. Happy New Year everybody!

One more note: The Luxcore community will soon be able to view our new FAQ section when it is posted in a few days, and it should answer some of the key question raised by the community recently. So stay tuned…